Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Who do I call if I have problems with my TV or Internet?

Issues with TV or Internet – Frontier 1-844-660-0648 (owners only).

What is the local newspaper?

Sarasota Herald Tribune – 941-953-7755.

Where can I donate furniture and other items?

Both Habitat and Goodwill are available, however some report that they are becoming picky.

SPARCC – 941-365-0208 – located on Main St. (they give donations to all different charities i.e., shelters, domestic violence).

Pines of Sarasota – 941-365-1616 – located on N. Orange Ave. (Their donations help low income elderly).


What size is our elevator?

A big issue is when owners purchased new furniture and do not ask the dimensions of the elevator. We have had 3 owners recently who have had to hire movers to carry the furniture up the stairs or even return the piece and purchase something smaller.

The dimensions are:

Outside of elevator – 84″H x 41″W

Interior of elevator – 88″H – 78″W – 48″D – 93″ Diagonal

(Generally furniture comes in wrapped and delivery men have to unwrap in order to fit in elevator)


Are clothes hangers recyclable?

No, they should be taken to the trash room or even better, returned to a dry cleaner!

Can I hang a holiday wreath on my unit door?

Holiday decorations can be placed on unit door from the Friday after Thanksgiving until Jan 2 and shall be hung using wreath hangers only.

What are the terms when remodeling a unit?

Units can be remodeled from May 1 to Dec 31. See details on page 15 of the 2021 Rules & Reg.

When are the maintenance fees due?

Maintenance fees are due quarterly on Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. 

What are the names of our LBC staff?

Linda White ( Property Manager), Mike Ward (Maintenance Manager), Don Dye (Maintenance)